The only product on the market which combines ultimate protection, eye catching design and factory fit. Premium bolt-on mudguard for RockShox ZEB, Domain, Liryk and Pike enduro forks.

Ultimate protection

If you want to feel bursts of mud on your face and taste real soil in your mouth … don’t buy this fender.

First things first. They are created to protect your face and your most sensitive bike parts from water and mud. That’s why every VisionVelo mudguard has front part stopping mud thrown forward by the tire. High sides of the fender shell protect stanchions and dust seals. The longest variant of the guard is 52cm long. In this version you can find additional seal protectors on the sides as well as unique water draining system on the front. It distributes water asides the tire and allows you to ride even during heavy rain. 

Easy to install factory level fit

If you fed up with straps and ZIP ties, you are in the right place. I designed VisionVelo mudguards specifically for RockShox forks. In consequence they fit perfectly to the shape of the fork body giving elegant, coherent appearance. You will install them using just three bolts and slots prepared by factory. All critical contact points are upholstered with foam tape. Thank’s to 3D print technology all thicker parts are hollow, so you get perfect fit without any unnecessary additional grams.

Created with passion

Enduro mountain biking is my passion. During designing I look from the perspective of MTB rider and create only things I would love to use myself.

I spare no effort to test my prototypes and understand what’s going on inside.  

Approved by professionals

VisionVelo mudguards have been officially chosen by Pole Factory Racing team for their Pole Voima bikes in 2023 season. The fenders deal with toughest racing conditions of Enduro World Series. They combine superb durability with super light design. This premium racing bolt-on mudguard for RockShox ZEB is 40cm long and weights 90g only!   

Multiple colors

Hendry Ford said: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. But I’m not Henry Ford.

Besides classical black, other colors are available: red, yellow, orange, blue and light green. Now you can express yourself.

Many versions and variants

Since VisionVelo mudguards are fitted specifically for particular fork shapes, there are two variants available for: ZEB/Domain and Lyrik/Pike forks.

Besides of that there are three versions meeting specific demands of different riders:

Comparison of RockShox ZEB mudguard versions

Racing – When every gram matters. Widely chosen by racers.

Length: 39.5cm (16+23.5)

Universal (compact) – Most versatile fender of the collection for variety conditions. Very good protection of the seals and the rider.

Length: 42cm (16+26) 

Long – Ultimate protection for the fork, the frame and the rider. Ideal for epic expeditions where you can expect extreme weather conditions.

Length: 52.5cm (18.5+34)

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