Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard


Short mudguard dedicated for racers. The same protections for seals and stanchions.

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This is probably the only stiff mudguard dedicated for Manitou Mezzer available on the market. Perfect compromise between length and protection.

Good protection

The mudguard is 31.5cm long. The racing version is shorter than universal and long one, but still long enough to protect your face from mighty of mud thrown by the tire.

Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard - right view

Mudguard size seen from the side

The front edges of the mudguard are long enough to cover stanchions and dust seals from mud and dust thrown by the tire. You will notice the difference of oil colour during periodical maintenance.

Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard - front view

Side edges of the mudguard covers stanchions and seals

No compromises on clearance

The mudguard has very high profile to provide maximum clearance. It is possible because the fender shell has cut outs fitting to internal shape of the arch as well as internal crown profile during full bottom out. Thanks to that you can use full fork travel with no clearance compromises.

Manitou MEZZER - arch & crown cutouts

Arch & crown cutouts

Reliable fixing

When somebody buys Manitou Mezzer, for sure tough riding is coming. The mudguard is fixed by three spatially distributed bolts which gives fantastic fender stiffness. Bulky bolting part fitted to the fork arch pushes the stiffness even further. No additional straps or zip ties required.

Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard - rear view

Wide and reliable fixing to the fork

 “Factory level” mudguard fit to Manitou Mezzer

The design process of the fender based on 3D scan of the actual Manitou Mezzer fork. Thanks to that it fits perfectly to the arch and the mudguard is natural extension of your fork. Seems that both have been designed together.

Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard - arch fitting

Manitou Mezzer racing mudguard – arch fitting

Manitou Mezzer mini mudguard - bolting part

Fitting to the arch ribbing

Proven construction

The design of the fender is based on over two year experience with mudguards for multiple brands like RockShox, FOX and Öhlins. We produce our fenders with unique technology – 3D printing out of polypropylene.

See the comprehensive review by Dr Ebike (English subtitles, review starts from 4:32):

Our mudguards have been validated by Pole Factory Racing Team during UCI Mountain Bike World Series EDR-E Enduro World Cup.

See the EMBN bike check of Pole Voima ridden by Onni Rainio.

VisionVelo products are used by hundreds of riders in nearly 50 countries worldwide. See the customer gallery.

Multiple colours available

If you fed up with classic black, you can get your mudguard in orange, yellow, red, blue, light green or even white.

Multiple size versions

We learned that as many riders, so many opinions about perfect mudguard size. So the Mezzer mudguard is available in four sizes. But it’s not everything. You can mix front and rear among sizes, which gives 16 unique mudguard combinations.

Manitou MEZZER - size comparison

Manitou Mezzer – size comparison

Lengths of particular sizes measured from top front edge of the arch:

  • Long – 48cm long (24.5cm front/23.5cm rear)
  • Universal – 42cm long (22.5cm front/19.5cm rear)
  • Racing – 31.5cm long (17cm front/14.5cm rear)
  • Mini – 26.5cm long (15.5cm front/11cm rear)

Premium features

Every mudguard kit contains bolts made of A2 stainless steel for fixing.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Black, Red, Anthracite, Blue, Graphite, Gray, Light green, Orange, White, Yellow


Fiberlogy PP (polypropylene)


Manitou Mezzer


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