POLE VOIMA frame ultimate protector kit


Full-fledged alternative for original battery cover, slider and bash guard provided by Pole. Provides ultimate mud protection.

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Full frame shield

The protector kit consist of two parts: battery cover and motor protector. Together they create smooth shield covering the frame starting from the frame head tube and ending on the bottom of the motor cage. It stops water, mud or whatever may come from front wheel.

Pole Voima frame full protector - title image

Extra wide to stop even more mud

The battery cover is reinforced version of racing battery cover for Pole Voima. It has been extended by additional flanges, adding 16mm every side of the frame.

This extra width helps to stop mud trying to reach your body when riding fast straight ahead.

Significantly cleaner chain

Have you ever wondered what happens to your chain during fast ride on muddy or soft trail? I will tell you. It’s constantly bombed by particles of mud and soil fired by front wheel. Next, such particles penetrate chain links exposed on chainring mixing with lubricant. Finally this “paste” accumulates on chainring, cassette and other parts of drivetrain. sic! But here is the solution. Flange of the battery cover unfolds on the bottom to hide the whole chainring from this firing.

It is compatible with chainrings up to 36T. Your chain will thank you for this protection by extended lifetime and rarer maintenance.

Voima frame full protector - chainring protection

Voima frame full protector - chainring protection

Voima frame full protector - chainring protection

Armour for the motor

The motor protector is full-fledged alternative for original combination of bash-guard and slider provided by Pole.

Voima frame full protector - bottom sliding part

The main difference is that original parts are working independently. All parts of our protectors are bolted together, to the one, stiff shell.

Voima frame full protector - bottom tip


Thanks to use polypropylene, the protector is flexible enough to absorb any impact when you hit log or rock with your frame. We use the same fixing points for installation.

Voima frame full protector - bash guard mounting

Voima frame full protector - bash guard mounting

One battery cover to do it all

The cover is attached directly to the frame. Thanks to that you need only one cover regardless how many batteries you have. You can also use the cover without battery – for transportation or gravity bike park.

Don’t let the dust in

The fixing mechanism for the battery cover contains 24 clips pressing the cover tightly to the frame. They will not allow dust or mud to get inside.

No tools needed

All you need to assembly and remove the battery cover are your fingers.

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Black, Red, Blue, Light green, Orange, Yellow


Pole Voima


Fiberlogy PP (polypropylene)


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