POLE VOIMA racing battery cover

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You need only one cover regardless how many batteries you have. You can also mount cover without battery – for transportation or gravity bike park.

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VisionVelo racing battery cover has been designed specifically for Pole Enduro Racing Team to reduce overall weight of POLE VOIMA e-bike.

When every gram matters

Thanks to thin shell design and use of polypropylene for printing, it was possible to achieve around 80g of total cover weight. It’s 120g less than weight of the original, aluminium cover.

One cover to do it all

The cover is attached directly to the frame. Thanks to that you need only one cover regardless how many batteries you have. You can also use the cover without battery – for transportation or gravity bike park.

Don’t let the dust in

The fixing mechanism contains 24 clips pressing the cover tightly to the frame. They will not allow dust or mud to get inside.

No tools needed

All you need to assembly and remove the cover are your fingers. Want to see how easy it is? Check the video below.

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Black, Red, Blue, Light green, Orange, Yellow


Pole Voima


Fiberlogy PP (polypropylene)

4 reviews for POLE VOIMA racing battery cover

  1. Ade

    Big day in the hills testing out Vision Velo’s new battery cover. Emptied two batteries over 93 km and it didn’t fall off once 😁. Can’t believe it’s so easy to fit but so secure over lots of rocky terrain. Changed the battery on the trail without issue and an added bonus is it keeps the battery and inner frame much drier and cleaner than the standard item. Well done again Slawomir👍.

  2. Jouni S. (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with my new battery cover: color, material, how it fits with Pole Voima.
    After a 65km trip in the woods and hills of my hometown, I have feeling that the new battery cover also damps sounds of gravel particles thrown by front tire.

  3. Chad (verified owner)

    Great battery cover for the Voima! I use it all of the time. This is the only solution I know of to:
    1. Store your bike without the battery, but keep the electronics covered. I need to charge the battery in a separate location, and also don’t want to expose the battery to excess heat and cold.
    2. Transport your bike on a bike rack without the battery. This reduces the weight of the bike, and therefore the movement of the bike. Transporting with the battery is also potentially dangerous in a crash.
    3. Remove the battery for riding at the bike park, while still keeping electronics covered. This reduces the weight of the Voima by about 10 pounds, helping with getting the bike in the air. If you are good at jumps this probably won’t be an issue, but I am not. I would recommend keeping the battery in if you have pedaling or for descending due to traction and for a planted feel.
    4. You can use more than one battery without needing additional factory battery covers. It also weighs less if that matters to you.
    5. Is probably essential if you use the battery adapter to run a smaller battery.

    1. The cover is very prone to bending; this is also what makes it light of course. A storage solution to keep from damaging the cover would be great. It is too long to fit in my battery storage bag, unfortunately. I would rather have a battery cover that weighs more, but is more rigid and less prone to damage. I made the mistake of bending it too much and caused a small tear in the cover.
    2. The fit is really good, but some sort of seal or gasket would be nice to keep out fine dust and water.
    3. Packaging was great, but the finish on the ends is lacking.

    Overall this product solves a ton of problems for me, and although it is expensive for plastic I understand that time and engineering that goes into it. Free shipping is also great!

  4. Slav

    Thank you for comprehensive review! I will work out all aspects you pointed, maybe it’s time to work on mk2 version 🙂

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