Purchase confirmation with the invoice is sent automatically just after order is successfully paid. I noticed that emails from visionvelo.eu address are often blocked by spam filters. If you have no order confirmation, first check your spam/junk mail folder. If you still can not find confirmation email, please contact me at slav@visionvelo.eu

If you made mistake during placing the order, please contact me at slav@visionvelo.eu immediately after you realise that. I’m sure we can find solution for every situation, however if you contact me after I ship your order it will be much harder.

Unlike typical courier services, Poczta Polska send parcels directly to destination country. That’s why package may seem to “hang” in status “Sent from Poland”. Next status you should expect is that is received in your country and next  

I heard lots of rumours about massive problems with UK customs after BREXIT. However my personal experience doesn’t confirm that. Average delivery time for my packages to UK is 10 days.

Unfortunately there is no guaranties about deliver times. It strongly depends on particular country, time of the year etc. I can only mention the average delivery times (based on historical data) for most popular destinations:

  • USA – 8 days
  • UK – 10 days
  • Finland – 9 days
  • Germany – 5 days
  • Australia – 31 days

Your question is still not answered? Write it down and send to me!

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