Did you know that VisionVelo products already serve riders in 36 countries worldwide? I collected several examples what happen with my products.

Pole Factory Racing Team

Racing battery cover for Pole Voima prepared for Pole Factory Racing

Finland, UK

VisionVelo is honoured to provide custom, lightweight accessories for Pole Voima racing bikes used by the team in 2023 season in Enduro World Series. It proved that my front mudguards and battery covers are not only lightweight, but also robust and reliable.

You don't need to be "pro" to win


Winning is mindset, you don’t need to be young, professional rider.

My customer knows it best winning DH race in his age category.

I’m proud that my long mudguards for his Pole Vikkela could assist during that.

Why "long" is so long


The length of VisionVelo long mudguard is not accidental.

It’s calculated to protect exactly what needed: front suspension and your face.

The photos show how it works on the most wet asiatic trails.



It’s awesome when you bike is so beautiful that you want to make photos of it at winter sunrise. I’m happy that my mudguards could be small part of this masterpiece.

Free your imagination


Who said that mudguards must be black and your bike technically boring. I learned a lot from customer who asked me to print yellow set of mudguards and battery cover. Now I offer my mudguards in six colors.

Solving little, but annoying problems

Holder for racing plate


One customer asked me to solve problem of annoying way of attaching racing plate to the bike. So here it is! 

Things are different than seems to be


This is one of my favourite customer photos. Why? Because of time when if was taken. It was … midnight. How is it possible? In north Norway sun never sleeps during summer.

I also like it because it shows that mudguards don’t need to be black to look good.

Technical upgrades


Bosch let controller bracket to let use of new mini remote. Racing battery cover to let use of smaller Bosch Power Tube. I love solving technical problems like that.

Different bikes, different countries






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