POLE VOIMA/VIKKELÄ racing mudfender

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Completely redesigned rear fender. New smooth design corresponding perfectly with front fenders from new collection for 2023. Free shipping worldwide!

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Completely redesigned rear fender. New smooth design corresponding perfectly with front fenders from new collection for 2023. Fender clearance increased by 4.5mm when fender still fits to the frame during full compression. 

Racing version weights only 75 grams.


Protecting bearings, frame and rear shock from mud and rocks during fast ride.

Factory level fit

Thanks to the 3D printing technology, the fender is perfectly suited to the  rear suspension. Precise positioning allows to use all clearance available but on the other hand preventing hit into frame during full compression. Simple, timeless design perfectly corresponds to the look of the bike.

Simple installation

The fender has been designed from scratch, specifically for POLE VOIMA frame. The fender uses only fixing point available – cable holes in the swingarms. Forget about straps or zips, the installation is child’s play using the factory holes.


The mudguard is made of polypropylene, thanks to which, in terms of strength and flexibility, it is not inferior to fenders made in injection technology available on the market.

See also related manual page: Fitting mud guard for Pole Voima/Vikkelä

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg

Cable, Wireless

Brake hose

Standard 5mm brake hose, Thick 6mm brake hose


Black, Red, Blue, Light green, Orange, Yellow


Fiberlogy PP (polypropylene)


Pole VIKKELÄ, Pole Voima

Swing arm type

2023 updated (exchangeable brake mount), 2024 updated (arms moved wider), Original (integrated brake mount)

8 reviews for POLE VOIMA/VIKKELÄ racing mudfender

  1. Pasi

    I ordered first generation fenders (Zeb and Pole Voima) from Visionvelo. Really nice products. Good quality and communication with Mr. Visionvelo is 👌.

  2. Erwin Sperber

    I ordered one of the first fenders for my Pole Voima. Very easy to install and keeps the bike and me clean in bad muddy weather. Very good work, Slawomir

  3. Dave Chen

    Awesome fender! This is a MUST HAVE fender for Voima! it keep out the debris especially during wet riding days! The fitment onto the Voima suspension is brilliant! no ugly zip ties, no rubbing on the frame. just elegant design execution!

  4. Matti S (verified owner)

    I bought two of these for my Voima and Vikkelä. The installation is a breeze with the ingenious fitting. Tip: if you need the fenders only for the wet season, don’t cut the grommet, just slide it along the lines a bit. This racing fender is light and good looking, it protects mostly your calves from water spray and the linkages of your bike from mud. It’s sturdy enough yet flexible and thin to leave enough room for mud clearance. It’s a natural extension to your awesome bike!

  5. Steve Johnson

    Everything fit great! I did a zip tie to make it more secure. They’re off for the summer! I getting the battery cover as well!

  6. Patrick H

    The rear fender Slaw has designed and produced is a perfect fit on the Vikkela/Voima and does exceptionally well at being completely unobtrusive, yet saving the linkage from the crud. I don’t even know it’s there. Absolutely quite and stable, yet flexible enough to not worry about hitting it. It’s the perfect design. Light, strong, effective and affordable. His customer service is second to none! Highly recommend.

  7. Timo Solmula (verified owner)

    I have had this in Voima for 1500 km now and I ride mostly downhill with lots of jumps. It has stayed in place and looks still as nice as when it was new. Only thing that worries me is that it is not as tight fitting anymore. There is bit play in it when moving by hand propably due to many bottom outs. Maybe next version could be little beefier from fixing points

    • Slav

      Thank you for review and feedback. We had discussion via e-mail. I received precious input for product improvement.

  8. Jouni Ojala

    Flexible good design stays in place and doesn’t drag on anything, but the first version I had delaminated. It fits well and looks ok on the bike, but not all that pretty up close, but 3d-printed surfaces can’t be expected to be totally smooth. Installation is not very straightforward, but easy enough considering how complex the place to mount it is and it’s better than trying to attach something with zipties.

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