Holder for Bosch Led Controller - manual - cable plug in

This is fitting manual for bar holder dedicated for Bosch Led Controllers.

Purpose and compatibility

The holder is designed for situation, when you have bar led controller from Bosch Smart System (2022) and want to upgrade to wireless mini remote (2023). Mini remote still requires led controller, and VisionVelo holder allows to install it safely next to the stem.

The holder is compatible with 35 mm steering bar as well as 31 mm bar (with use of additional spacer). You should choose your bar diameter when ordering.

Tools needed

For installation you will need:

  • 2.5 mm hex screwdriver

Before installation

To make upgrade you should source mini remote separately, it is not part of the VisionVelo kit.

Installation of the holder

Remove controller from the bar and unplug the cable.

Unscrew and remove long bolt of the holder.

Slide the controller into the holder.

Put the long bolt at it’s place and tighten it. Be careful to not over tighten it.

Unscrew and remove short bolt from the clamp.

Gently bend the clamp and put the holder onto the bar in place of it’s smallest dimeter.

Position the holder according to your preference. Instert and tighten short bolt.

Plug the cable to the controller.

Pairing mini remote with the controller

To make mini controller working, you need to pair it with the system. If you do it for the first time, follow the Bosch pairing instructions.


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