Battery cover for Pole Voima - manual - cover photo

This is fitting manual for racing battery cover dedicated for Pole Voima frame.

Versions and compatibility

The cover is compatible with all Voima bikes including Voima ID from 2023.

Tools needed

You need no tools for installation.

Before installation

Before installation you need to remove original cover bolted to the battery. Since VisionVelo cover is attached directly to the frame, clip-in the battery to the frame.

Installation of the cover

The cover is equipped with sets of hooks that clips in to slots in the frame at the edge of battery chamber.

To install the cover just clip it in starting from one side. Remember that end with the logo should be at the head side.

Next clip-in the opposite side. You can slide the cover a little to front or back to ged perfect fit.

Removing the cover

Press the cover with your fingers to bend the cover and detach the hooks. When detached one side just remove opposite side.
See the assembly and removal process on the following video.


The cover is designed to work when installed in the frame. When detached is vulnerable to cracking because of it’s length. Avoid strong bending to not break it.

Multiple batteries

You can use multiple batteries with one cover. When sourcing another batter keep in mind that you also need mounting plate which is not standard part of the battery.


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