Fitting mudguard for Öhlins fork - screw front bolt

This is fitting manual for front mudguards dedicated for Öhlins enduro forks. It covers new design that des not require ZIP ties for fixing.

Versions and compatibility

The mudguard is designed for Öhlins enduro forks equipped with bolt slots.

The fenders fits only to the forks they are designed for, so be careful choosing the right one. Please find the list of compatible forks wit links to proper products and their versions:

Tools needed

For installation you will need:

  • 2.5 mm hex screwdriver

Before installation

I recommend to remove front wheel before installation. It will make fitting of fender front part much easier.

Installation of the fender

Firstly fit the front part of the mudguard to the fork’s arch.

Next fit the rear part of the mudguard. For easier installation squeeze it a little in area of seal protectors and “slide” onto the fork legs from the bottom. Do it gently to not damage the foam protecting tape.

Put the center bolt into the slot of rear fender’s part screw it. Don’t tighten it at this stage, let the mudguard to be loose.

Next, put the side bolts into slots, and screw them. Also don’t tighten them at the moment.

Next put and tighten both front bolts. You may have bent a little front part to match with hot insert, it’s normal because front part acts as a spring pushing the fender to the sides. Be careful to not over tighten bolts and rotate hot inserts.

Finally tighten the bolts, side ones first and center one at the end. Tighten them firmly but be careful to not over tighten them.


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