Finally I did it! Early production versions of long fenders are available to order.

It is not just longer version. I redesigned it to create even better, second generation of my product.

Now available in time limited reduced price (regular one is 35EUR per each), for early production version. My customers who bought fenders in 2022 will have reduced price available without time limitations.

  • Longer tail. Now it fully protects fork crown and battery latch (in case of Pole Voima) from mud
  • Increased clearance. I raised the fender by 3mm so now it takes only 1mm below fork arch. I could do that because I realised that air fork never fully compress, so the fender is still safe.
  • During fast ride the fender and the tire can create some kind of “aerodynamic tunnel” that pushes water into front of the bike. To prevent that I introduced unique  system in the fender nose that pushes water towards sides of the tire.
  • To improve protection and stiffness I introduced massive seal protectors on sides of the fender.
  • All critical point where the fender touches the fork body are now protected by foam tape.
  • Longer tail. It provides extended protection for the bearings and the rear shock from mud
  • To improve stiffness I introduced special protrusions on the fender sides, leaning on the swingarm.
  • All critical point where the fender touches the swingarm are now protected by foam tape.
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