Full set of enduro components dedicated and designed for your bike.

Clear design

Simple, minimalistic look, perfectly corresponding with overall appearance of the Voima. My goal was to create components looking as native parts of the bike.

Perfect fit

No straps, no zip ties, no adjustments needed. My philosophy is to deliver perfectly fitted and customised components.


My nature is thinking outside of the box. My components are breaking status quo and bring new value to old schemes.

Now available in the collections

Racing battery cover

You need only one cover regardless how many batteries you have. You can also mount cover without battery – for transportation or gravity bike park.

Rear racing mud fender

Protecting bearings, frame and rear shock from mud and rocks during fast ride. Design corresponding to front ZEB fender.

Front racing mud fender

Lightweight version dedicated for racers. The fender weights only 80g still providing reasonable protection.

Front compact mud fender

Dedicated for Rock Shox ZEB. Protects your face from mud and other surprises, the tire throws in front of you.

Front long mudfernder

Ultimate protection for the fork, battery latch and the rider.


Designed especially for VOIMA frame. Available for 32t, 34t & 36t chainrings.

Center clamp for Bosch LED Control Unit

If you want to upgrade to new Mini Remote, but don’t want to buy integrate controller, this clamp is “must have” element.

Stanchion covers

Protect the stanchions during bike transport on the roof of the car.

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