I’m proud to introduce new, premium line of brackets for Bosch LED controller and Kiox 300 display. They will provide quality equal to mass production, but I will still keep my flexibility in product development and delivery. 

Technology I've used so far

From the very beginning my priority was to identify specific annoying problems and delivering solutions even when was niche and related to limited number of riders. That’s why I chose FDM 3D printing as production technology for my products. It allows to use relatively cheap printers in home conditions. Thanks to that I can create products that can be offered to customers literally next day and produced with limited number of copies.

But FDM has its specifics and limitations that enforces many tradeoffs during design. Print must be done from flat surface without overhangs – it limits product shape and construction. Moreover printed elements have specific surface finish – consequence of adding material layer by layer. I mastered printing process and materials to achieve best quality, but still it may be not enough for most demanding customers.

Of course there are available industrial 3D printers with different technologies, but investment on the level of 1M EUR is out of range for VisionVelo at the moment.  

Premium line - what does it mean?

The game changed when I started cooperation with Fibometry, partner who offered me advantages and quality of Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) but with flexibility of cooperation always as I had such printer in my garage.

What it means in practice? My premium brackets will be made out of Nylon PA12. Next they will be coloured to black and post produced with surfacing. Thank to that they will be:

  • stronger
  • with better quality of surface and details
  • with better, improved design

I keep approach to maintain highest flexibility with no upfront production. But even though, all the products will be shipped no later than two weeks after placing the order.

Bracket for Bosch LED controller

Premium version comes with rounded clamp edges, clean logo and beautiful matt surface. Thanks to more accurate details sliding in the controller is smoother without any friction.

Bracket for Bosch KIOX 300 display

Premium display bracket comes with improved, monolith design. Thanks to that simpler assembly and build in cable stoppers preventing them to be pulled off when mounted on the bike. More consistent look, smooth edges, no print imperfections of the surface.

What next?

I plan to offer such premium version for all small products like brackets or chan guides. There will be no changes to the offer in area of polypropylene products (mudguards, battery covers). The MJF is not adequate and too expensive for such product when FDM proved to be robust and proven technology in this area.

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