Powertube adapter comparison to 750Wh battery

This is fitting manual for adapter dedicated for Bosch 500Wh Power Tube.

Purpose and compatibility

The adapter is designed for Bosch Smart System battery. It allows to extend length of 500Wh Power Tube to the size of 750Wh one and install in corresponding battery slot.

The adapter is compatible both with vertical and horizontal version.

The adapter is equipped with four top M3 bolt slots, allowing to bolt-on any mounting plate appropriate to your bike.

Please notice that in contrary to the battery, the adapter is not equipped with side bolt slots, which may be used to attach battery cover in case on some bikes.

Such example is Pole Voima, where to use 500Wh battery with the adapter you need also use VisionVelo racing battery cover.

Tools needed

For installation you will need:

  • 2.5 mm Allen key

It’s strongly recommended to use Allen key with rounded tip to make bolting easier.

Before installation

The adapter just extends length of the battery, so you need to source separately:

  • Bosch Smart System 500Wh Power Tube
  • Appropriate mounting plate (check it on the original battery)

Installation of the adapter

Put the four M3x20 bolts into slots in the adapter and place the adapter on the top of the battery.

Screw in the bolts using rounded tip of the Allen key. Next, tighten the bolts using the short end of the Allen key.

Install the mounting plate proper for you bike. This step may vary from bike to bike and the photo below i just and example.

That’s it, now you can install the battery in your bike.

If you don’t have your Power Tube adapter yet, you can order it here.


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