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This is fitting manual for bolt-on mudguards dedicated for Öhlins enduro forks. It covers version that uses ZIP straps for additional leg fixing.

Versions and compatibility with Öhlins forks

The mudguard is designed for Öhlins enduro forks equipped with bolt slots.

There is one variant of this type of mudguard,  compatible with the following fork:

  • RXT36 m.2

There are one version of the fender:

  • Universal

If you are looking for fitting manual for fender version that doesn’t require ZIP straps, pleas refer:

Fitting bolt-on mudguard for Öhlins forks

Tools needed

For installation you will need:

  • 2.5 mm hex screwdriver
  • flat nose pliers
  • wire cutter

Before installation

I recommend to remove front wheel before installation. It will make fitting of fender front part much easier.

Installation of the fender

Firstly fit the front part of the mudguard to the fork’s arch.

Put center bolt into slot of rear fender’s part, put it to front part and screw the bolt. Don’t tighten it at this stage, let the mudguard to be loose.

Next, put the side bolts into slots, and screw them. Also don’t tighten them at the moment.

Finally tighten the bolts, side ones first and center one at the end. Tighten them firmly but be careful to not over tighten them.

Optional leg straps

You can use the fender fixed just with the bolts, however it may “rattle” under vibrations.

Thus, if you ride rough terrain, I suggest to use straps for additional fixing of the mudguard to the fork legs.

Start from the right leg. Slide the strap into the tunnel inside the seal protector.

Embrace the leg with the strap and put the buckle on the end of the strap.
Insert the buckle into the slot in the inside of the fender.

Fasten the strap by pulling the free end with flat nose pliers backwards. Position the strap perpendicularly to the front part of the leg.

Cut free end of the strap with the wire cutter, close to the buckle.
Repeat the same for the left leg. Remember to route the strap under the brake hose.

That’s it! You can install you front wheel back and go for the test ride.


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